In the market for a new BBQ? Sick of running out of propane? If you are considering purchasing a new BBQ you should consider a grill that uses natural gas.

One of the biggest advantages of natural gas is you will not be running out half way through cooking supper to race around and find a fill station. Once you install the line and get hooked up, you’ll have an endless supply and never have to worry again. It is a very clean burning fuel and offers adequate heat to grill even on those cooler winter days.

The natural gas line that you install can also be used to serve other gas appliances like a fire bowl or patio heater. Of course, there is an upfront cost to install the gas line but as with any home upgrade, if done correctly by a certified gasfitter, it can add additional value to your home.

Remember to make sure the grill you are buying is approved for use with natural gas. Some grills require you to purchase a conversion kit that can be easily installed to make the switch.

There are many arguments out there on propane vs natural gas so make sure that you do your homework and choose the right fuel for you!
Happy BBQing!